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Meet Carolyné

I am an all-inclusive Healer and Teacher, trained in a multitude of disciplines and supported by formal education. I am a unified being with spiritual wisdom of consciousness.

With over 25 years of experience in social services, I have designed, implemented, and evaluated a wide range of programs involving crisis intervention, needs assessment and harm reduction. With a focus on problem solving, I successfully utilized counselling modalities, cognitive behavioural model and/or recovery philosophy. I have promoted and integrated clients’ personal goals with understanding and flexibility, to help them regain their sense of purpose and meaning in life.

I have held positions from Case Manager to Team Leader, as a Counsellor in a variety of community-based, non-profit organizations, with a strong focus on service delivery. In my many years of case management, I have worked directly with individuals who have complex and high-pressure needs, serious mental health, addictions, forensic involvement, and have experienced chronic destitution. I have consistently demonstrated excellent facilitation, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, with a focus on building and maintaining genuine relationships. I am highly skilled at discussing sensitive, emotional subjects in a non-threatening and supportive manner.

I have worked in collaborative partnerships with communities, organizations, and interdisciplinary teams to create and deliver the most effective services for community members. I have provided a range of leadership supports and services while operating from a universal model of care, and graciously functioning within an anti- racism/anti-oppression framework. Further, I have received achievement awards for launching programs in marginalized communities.

I have a University and College education in Psychology, Sciences, and Community Development, with extensive additional training in intervention, assessment, and evaluation.

My lived experience as a Spiritual being from a Melanin, Indigenous, and Two Spirit culture, has empowered me to achieve the trust of other beings, and accurately identify their problems and distress.

My life motivation has been to live free from the inside out by consciously and profoundly healing the inner traumas within the unconscious and subconscious. Given the many structures which oppress the conscious collective, my goal is to eradicate their impact on the soul’s journey.

I have witnessed and experienced life and death. For my entire life, I have understood that we are all Spiritual beings experiencing human challenges, positive or negative. I came to accept and integrate those experiences to support the next step in my journey.

My shamanic practice (a state of higher consciousness through meditation) has supported my own healing and deepened my unique abilities. I have created an inner life of choice and freedom that is emotionally established through vibrational perspectives.

I understand how negative vibrational frequencies can hold people hostage to oppressive programs (whether they be from past or present experiences), and how shifting those energies can improve overall wellness.

Over the years I have sought to deepen my connection for intimacy with myself, to stay courageous in my Power, as I build my relationship with Spirit and humanity. There has been an elevation of consciousness, an expansion in grace, in love and a force in self- empowerment to live an authentic life. My energetic techniques have supported my spiritual advancement, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I look forward to working with you,

Carolyné PhillipéBaptisté

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