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We offer wellness (counselling) and spiritual integration services (called Sacred Studies) from Clinical professionals, Counsellors and Healers. You can read more about all our offerings below.

In order to register for any services, please ensure you complete our Terms and Conditions form.

Our wellness (counselling) services can be adapted for groups as well as individuals. 

The cost for one hour sessions for individuals is $120.00 CAD + HST. Your first session will include a psychoanalysis assessment. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Solution-focussed, fundamental mental health care that incorporates mindfulness.
  • Explore your current, presenting problems and change dysfunctional thinking and behaviours.
  • Explore ‘the lens’ to practice repairing harm.
  • Explore Behaviour Management Systems to create meaningful change in your life.
  • Explore your overwhelming worries and feeling of lack, depression, anxiety, and the inability to cope.
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Trauma Counselling

  • Explore and identify your survival mechanisms that have developed in response to traumatic experiences, including trans/inter-generational trauma.
  • Explore what triggers stress, panic, anxiety, and negative memories.
  • Explore your unconscious, conscious, and subconscious messages as we build and strengthen your inner communication.
  • Learn effective strategies to navigate and surrender through these explorations and find a place of inner freedom.
  • Heal the anguish and despair of being labelled ‘mentally ill’.
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Inclusive Integration Counselling

  • Encounter your authentic self by exploring your heritage and legacy.
  • Explore different levels of conscious and unconscious expressions, hidden assumptions, and implicit memories.
  • Explore what lies beneath the mask you present to the world to reveal your true self in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Deepen your soul’s development by focussing on self-development.
  • Explore your relationships, intentions, and life track records.
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Decolonizing Counselling

  • Explore and confront your internalized imprints and programs.
  • Explore and confront oppressive language constructs and trauma-imposed beliefs that are creating limitations in your life.
  • Understand cultural appropriation. All healing modalities are Indigenous to somewhere – reverence is important.
  • Learn how to work in an appropriate way without disrespecting the original Knowledge Keepers.
  • Expose the oppressive stories that you tell yourself, and the outdated belief systems you hold onto.
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Compassion Focused Therapy

  • Explore imposed social constructs (like shame and self-criticism) to bring insight into self-soothing and healing.
  • Explore and recognize the unconscious dynamics that run your life and learn how to liberate yourself.
  • Build your self-inquiry skills and discover how to encounter your personalities within.
  • Learn how to gain access to the core stories that you tell yourself.
  • Learn how to be accountable for how you perceive others and strategies to maintain integrity.
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Sacred Studies

Counselling, Healing, Coaching Modules, offered on a case-by-case basis.

CIC takes a Culture Psychotherapy approach to dimensional understanding of the intersections of Trauma and distress. We are intentional and unapologetically standing at the intersections of oppressive systems of inequality. 

The Cell

  • Explore self-presentation, perception, and learn how to bring stability to your relationship with the Universe.
  • Learn about personality types based on both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge.
  • Explore ancient spirituality and learn how to cultivate gratitude and appreciation.
  • Explore the secrets of the pineal gland, how to embrace your Higher Self, and gain an understanding of Spiritual Laws.
  • Learn about the psychology of conformity and matter consciousness perception.

The Signature

  • Evaluate your wellness, function, and consciousness.
  • Decolonize different dimensions of consciousness.
  • Heal the wounds of your Identities and nervous system.
  • Understand your reincarnations and learn lessons for self-healing.
  • Awaken to the Gullible Brain and your relationship to your subconscious.

The Frame

  • Deepen your soul’s evolution and address your shadow’s wounds.
  • Learn how to use active intelligence sculpting techniques.
  • Understand the global perspective as it relates to your personal state.
  • Heal cognitive dissonance and negative conceptual patterns.
  • Cultivate your co-creating intelligences.

The Enlightenment

  • Learn how to decolonize yourself and thrive in your strength and power.
  • Increase global human consciousness via personal revelations.
  • Gain a dimensional understanding of your light wave positions.
  • Build your focus to increase positive thoughts and behaviours.
  • Learn how to embrace a state of mind/wisdom and heart/love.

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Please note: The intensity of the Services provided by CIC may be triggering to many individuals. Our services include investigation of sometimes difficult emotional states originating in childhood, and require participants to be personally responsible and accountable in the development of their emotional intelligence.
These services are appropriate for clients who are ready to achieve self-awareness, gently heal, thrive into one’s inner appreciation of themselves, and regain balance in their lives.

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