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Cognitive Insights Counselling (CIC) was created to expose the Human Conditions to help people achieve self-healing and embrace their full potential.

CIC takes a spiritual and psychotherapeutic approach to helping beings address unresolved trauma and distress. Our spiritual programs are designed for those who are prepared to work to achieve insights, self-recognition and potential spiritual growth. CIC prioritizes and cultivates each individual’s needs, skills, dignity, resilience and wellbeing as they release negative blocks and patterns to find positive healing and growth. We hold space for our clients to increase their awareness of what is happening in their mind and body, to identify their emotions, expose underlying intentions, and explore interpretations.

CIC takes a multi-dimensional approach to healing Generational Trauma. Trauma takes on many faces, structures and experiences which are held in the Collective Unconscious and Conscious across lineages and social constructs. CIC acknowledges that Trauma is real for all communities, with or without specific political, family and interpersonal experiences.

CIC also utilizes body-based and linguistic therapies, seeking to bring people’s awareness to energy and power dynamics at the cellular and molecular level, and to help people understand the language patterns that lead to negative reactions in times of distress.

Our Mission

Cognitive Insights Counselling (CIC) exists to provide a sacred space for people to become conscious of their human conditions, from their Ancestors to the present day. Our mission is to provide this sacred space for people to heal complex Trauma, which affects their physical, emotional and mental behaviour and patterns. We provide a supportive environment where an individual can develop awareness and skills to embark on their personal journey. CIC provides quantum methodologies to empower beings’ ability to heal, rebalance and regenerate.

Our Vision

CIC’s objective is to provide counselling and alternative healing services to assist each person in restoring themselves and living a meaningful life. CIC is committed to the elimination of all Oppressive constructs, to allow transformation, growth and healing to blossom with integrity and respect. Our vision is a world in which we encourage the potential from within ourselves to eradicate oppression through psychological, ancestral, and vibrational means.

Our Core Values

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Our services are for everybody who seeks healing and meaning.

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We give clients the tools to create change themselves.

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We believe in supporting the whole person and their values.

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Our client-counsellor relationships are based in mutual respect.

CIC respects and honours the uniqueness of everyone.

CIC admires the resilience of human beings, their drive, and their ability to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Please note: The intensity of the Services provided by CIC may be triggering to many individuals. Our services include investigation of sometimes difficult emotional states originating in childhood, and require participants to be personally responsible and accountable in the development of their emotional intelligence.
These services are appropriate for clients who are ready to achieve self-awareness, gently heal, thrive into one’s inner appreciation of themselves, and regain balance in their lives.

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